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Social media is an extraordinary marketing toolAllow us to assist you reach your customer, in their social worlds

Complete Online Delivery

Selecting Complete online delivery means huge cost savings. We defiantly do not skimp on quality, just hand holding time. You are provided with a comprehensive, persoanalised and easy to follow Social Media Strategy which you can implement in house or out-sourced to us.


Your Social Media Strategy includes;

   • A Social Media Conversation report

- Who is saying what about you online and where

   • Your customised social media plan

- Which sites do your customers frequent and how can you best reach them

   • An Action Plan

- How we plan to make it all happen

  • In-house Implementation Guide

- Easy to follow instructions if you will be implementing your plan in-house

   • A Crisis Management Report

- What actions are required in the case of negative responses

Order Online Now!

The cost of this plan will be a flat fee of only $399. What you get here is our expertise regarding the best way to engage your customers using social media. For this one off fee we will be provide directions as to how you can implement this plan in full. You will not be required to purchase any additional services unless you choose to engage us to implement your plan in part of full. The order now process includes a payment options and an online briefing form. This form will ask a number of questions regarding your business. The information· you provide will kept in the strictest confidence.

How does the process work?

   1. Click here to fill in an online brief.
       -  Tell us about your business, what your goals are and what you wish to achieve from a social media·
          marketing strategy
       -  You can upload business plan documents, give us website links, record messages, anything that you
         feel explains your business.
   2. Make a secure online payment via Paypal or your Personal bank ·
   3. One of our team members will review your information and email you if we require anything more from you.
   4. From the information you have provided we will be able to build a personalised strategy for you business.
   5. You will receive your Strategy within 14 days of your first payment being received.
   6. Check out your new strategy and start putting it into action! Alternatively speak to us about how we can manage
       the campaign for you. We have consultants that can come to your premises and work with your team to
       manage the social media campaign, or we can work on your campaign from our office.

Additional Services ·

If required, we can then carry out any or all of the following;

   • Set up all required social media accounts and pages (Including page· design, landing pages etc.)
   • iPhone and Android applications
   • Facebook application· ·
   • Regular update of content
   • Communications with social network members
   • Video, Slideshow and Animation ·
   • Result tracking and reporting
   • Scheduled reviews and plan updates

Prices for the above depend on the size of the project. Quotes for all additional work required for your personalised Social Media Plan will be provided in the back of your plan as a flat rate. These services are optional and are not required for the completion of your Social Media Plan.

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Through the use of facebook events my students can now easily find out about and sign up for classes with no need for email outs and online forms. They can even schedule classes on their computer calendars and see which of their friends are coming to individual classes.

- Tom Quinlan
Quinlan Consulting