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Social media is an extraordinary marketing toolAllow us to assist you reach your customer, in their social worlds

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the use of online social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps, for commercial gains. These sites act as a 2-way, targeted communication channels where consumers opted in to or seek out messages from an organisation voluntarily.

Social Media sites are taking over the way consumers communicate, lead by Generation Y. As these sites attract more and more Australians, we have even seen a substantial proportion of the baby boomers generation jump on board.


Social Media Marketing is all about improved brand reputation to increase customers, loyalty and profits.  

   • If a customer has a relationship with you on Facebook, they will be more likely to shop with you, but only if you
      have proven your worth in their social world.
   • If a customer finds that you are listening to what they say on their social network, they will feel happier dealing
      with you in the future.
   • If a customer sees something on your website they like, it only takes a click for them to share it with their
      friends, whatever social network they might be on.


Although Social Media holds huge potential… is not a magic wand. Just setting up a Facebook page will not ensure increased customers, loyalty or profits. ·

Online society’s are like offline societies, first impressions always count! This is why it is important to get your social media strategy right, the first time. The worst mistake you can make when setting up Social Media initiatives is jumping straight in without a deep understanding of who your target audience is, which social media sites they use and how they use those sites. ·

A targeted social media strategy is essential to ensuring your company not only earns a place in your customers online society but that your online presents does not result in a negative outcome.

There is endless possibilities in social media and it takes a dedicated team to understand them all. Our advice is not to go it alone! Even if you don't have a large budget, Cliquein can help. Click here to find out about our services.

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Through the use of facebook events my students can now easily find out about and sign up for classes with no need for email outs and online forms. They can even schedule classes on their computer calendars and see which of their friends are coming to individual classes.

- Tom Quinlan
Quinlan Consulting