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Social media is an extraordinary marketing toolAllow us to assist you reach your customer, in their social worlds

About Us

Cliquein is a specialty agency focusing on the social media marketing channel. We take a unique approach to the agency format with a philosophy to teach our clients how to utilise this powerful marketing channel rather than preach to them. By always sharing our knowledge with clients we must constantly search for new innovations to keep ourselves employed!

We are made up of a group of expert and passionate individuals, working together to create innovative and exciting social media solutions for each of our clients.

We believe in moulding to our clients needs. Our flexible delivery options ensure we are bending over backwards to delight our clients though a professional relationship that suits their way of doing business. Whether our clients prefer to outsource their work or hire someone to work internally, we have a solution.

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Through the use of facebook events my students can now easily find out about and sign up for classes with no need for email outs and online forms. They can even schedule classes on their computer calendars and see which of their friends are coming to individual classes.

- Tom Quinlan
Quinlan Consulting